Octopus fishing season begins August 1st in Yucatan

This August 1st, the capture season of this mollusk begins on the Yucatecan coasts. Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

The national counselor of the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industry of Yucatan, Enrique Sánchez Sánchez, declared that the octopus fishing season begins on August 1st.

He said that there is a market in Europe to export the mollusk, and at the same time that there will be good international prices. for its commercialization.

European countries have been buying octopus from Morocco and some South American countries, but from August 1 to December 15, many European countries are going to buy the octopus caught on the Yucatecan coast, which will be good for Yucatan.

He lamented the poaching of the mollusk in the waters of Dzilam de Bravo and stated that he hopes these illegal actions do not affect the season and that he expects this fishery to be as good as it was in 2021 in which 31,672 tons were captured.

Sánchez Sánchez stressed that each year a quota of 18,000 to 19,000 tons of octopus is caught in the waters off the Yucatan coast from August 1 to next December 15.

Finally, Sánchez Sánchez explained that the vast majority of local fishermen are eagerly awaiting the mollusk harvesting season, as international prices will soon be announced for the export of this product to Europe, and for the national and local markets as well.

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