New IE-TRAM will result in great savings for Yucatecan families


As announced by the director of IMDUT, the users of the new IE-TRAM transport in Mérida will have to pay just one single ticket to move to any point on its route.

Public transport users recognized the advances in the issue of mobility with the current state government, in particular with the IE-TRAM project, which will be very useful, because as it is an intercommunicated transport, they will be able to move with just one “ ticket”, which will be a great relief for their pockets.

Minerva García, a resident of the municipality of Kanasín, pointed out that she has to board four different buses every day to get to her work, for which she hopes that with this new electric transport routes she can travel faster, and save money.

On July 5th, the Institute for Territorial Urban Mobility and Development (IMDUT), Rafael Hernández Kotasek, announced that the IETRAM, a 100% electric transport system developed by the Spanish company Irizar, the first of its kind in Latin America, will connect Mérida, with Kanasín and Umán, for which three routes have been proposed: Kanasín-Downtown Merida, Umán-Downtown Merida, and Downtown Merida-School of Engineering (on Periferico), to link 137 neighborhoods and connect with more than 200 public transport routes. The plan is to move 500,000 people a week, with 25 to 30 units, in addition to having correspondence with the Maya Train in the near future.

It is of the utmost importance for those who use public transport on a daily basis that this service can be modernized for the benefit of thousands of users in Mérida, Kanaín, and Umán.

For this project, an investment of 2,820 million pesos will be required, of which 60% will be contributed by the State Government; 23%, by the Federal Government, and 16% by the private initiative.

The best part about the IETRAM is that users will be able to move around the metropolitan area with only one ticket.

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