Moto-taxi driver arrested suspect of sexual harassment

Rocío “N”, 21 years old, denounced a Kanasín motorcycle taxi driver for sexual harassment on social networks, the Municipal Police arrested Francisco “N”.

The Kanasín Municipal Police located the alleged sex offender after the report on social networks of a woman who had been inappropriately touched by the driver of a moto taxi in downtown Tizimin on Wednesday, July 20th.

They indicated that the victim offered a description of the facts and identified the license plate of the moto-taxi in which she had been attacked.

With these data, agents of the municipal police corporation took on the task of carrying out surveillance work in different streets of the municipality, and on Calle 75-B (between 66 and 64) of Cerritos de Mulchechén, they located the subject.

Francisco was on board a unit authorized as a moto-taxi with license plate number TRB8R, traveling at excessive speed, for which he was stopped.

The subject was identified as the alleged aggressor and did not have the documents of the vehicle in order, so he was arrested and transferred to the municipal jail for the corresponding purposes, while the moto-taxi was seized by the local authorities.

Corporation personnel invited the alleged victim to file a formal complaint with the corresponding authorities.

TYT Newsroom