Milk truck ends up off the road on the Merida – Valladolid

Photo: YAI

A truck transporting milk had an accident on Tuesday, July 26th on the Mérida-Cancún federal highway, when he was heading from the Yucatecan capital to Valladolid.

Apparently, the driver lost control of the vehicle, and when leaving the highway, he crashed into a huge Ceiba tree, near kilometer 30 of the aforementioned road. He was not seriously injured, but seeing what had happened, he decided to abandon the truck and flee the scene.

However, the thing did not stop there because people who were near there, realizing that there were numerous boxes sprinkled with milk, did not think twice about it and began to steal the milk crates.

Shortly after, agents of the Seyé Municipal Police arrived at the site, but by then, it seems that quite a lot of the transported product had already been stolen.

The Yucatan Times
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