Mauricio Vila visits patients at the “Dr. Agustín O’Horán” hospital

Mauricio Vila Dosal, governor of Yucatan, listened to and attended to the needs of patients from the “Dr. Agustín O’Horán” hospital.

During his visit, he also interacted with family members who were at the doors of the hospital.

He channeled the requests to different agencies, including the Yucatan Health Secretariat, to provide them with prompt attention and also responded to the requests of those who work outside the hospital, who sell snacks, beverages, and fruit.

As he passed through, the governor received from Noemí Piste Vela a bunch of Huayas and from Elisa Solís Suaste, some Chayitas that she herself prepared for him.

The governor of Yucatan is well known for his closeness to the most humble and needy people in the state.

TYT Newsroom