Maintenance works were carried out at Pig Beach in Yucalpeten, Yucatan

In order to supervise the maintenance work carried out by the Department of Public Services and Ecology staff, Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi went to the Pig Beach facilities, located in the Industrial Zone of Yucalpetén.

During his tour, he verified that the booths were painted, their windows rehabilitated, and the new signs reinstalled and properly placed.

During this activity, members of the Ecological Police were present, headed by chief Obdulio Delaney Mena Sánchez, who presented a report on the health and care of the animals.

It is worth mentioning that Pig Beach receives weekly visits, in the low season, of more than one thousand tourists, who can interact and observe the piglets, so this number is expected to increase considerably during these summer vacations.

The director of Public Services and Ecology, Canán Góngora Ortegón, pointed out that during these days the floor of the animal pen will be rehabilitated and divisions will be made so that they have more space and can live together in a better way.

Finally, it was reported that among the works that complete the maintenance of this space is the improvement of the urban view that overlooks the IX Naval Zone, as well as painting, cleaning, and removal of weeds that grow around this area.

TYT Newsroom