Local authorities investigate the alleged finding of a dead man in Merida’s Temozón Norte

Photo: yucatan.com.mx

Agents of the State Investigative Police (PEI) would have carried out procedures at the Temozón Norte area, in the north side of Mérida, where a dead body was found.

The authorities have remained tight-lipped about official information; the finding of a body was neither confirmed nor denied.

However, it was found out that the body corresponds to a man identified as Felipe P. C., 56 years old, whose body was found on Friday, July 22nd, lying on Calle 40 Diagonal and 85 Diagonal of the Temozon area.

On the other hand, this morning the Public Ministry carried out proceedings in the Los Reyes neighborhood, where an elderly man lost his life.

The man was riding his bicycle on Calle 34 between 19 and 21 of the aforementioned neighborhood. He suddenly fell out of his vehicle and was knocked unconscious. Residents of the area who witnessed what happened approached to help the man, but when they noticed that he was not breathing, they called 9-1-1 to ask for help.

Paramedics from the SSP arrived at the scene of the accident, only to confirm the death.

The Yucatan Times