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Legendary “Casa de Los Aluxes” demolished in Cancún

by Yucatan Times
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In Cancun, one of the most famous stories among the inhabitants of that city in the Mexican Caribbean has its origin in the Cancun-Nizuc road that goes to the city’s International Airport.

A bridge was built on that road as a shortcut to facilitate the connection with the airport and the work was in charge of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

The strange events happened during the construction stage of the bridge that would give access to the Cancun International Airport.

The construction of the bridge to cross the lagoon took much longer than expected because no matter how much progress was made, something always happened that delayed the construction works.

According to local workers, who were part of the crew during the construction phase, it was not until “Los Aluxes”, the authentic owners of the place, were asked for authorization that the work could be successfully completed.

Aluxes carved on wall in Uxmal, Yucatán (Photo: en-yucatan.com.mx)

The “Aluxes” or owners of the forest, according to an ancient Maya legend, are the Earth’s primeval beings, those who built the great ancient cities. These beings worked very quickly in the dark because they were roaming the planet before there was a sun, and when the light was made in this world, the “Aluxes” turned to stone.

So the legend says that the “Aluxes” were the ones not allowing the construction of the Cancun-Nizuc Airport bridge, and they demolished it from the first day of construction.

According to reports, when the workers arrived the morning after the start of construction, they saw that the progress made on the first day of the bridge structure had collapsed. Thinking it was the work of vandals, they notified the authorities demanding to find the person responsible for this criminal act, however, they never found those responsible.

For the second time, they took on the task of reassembling all the structures for the erection of the bridge, however, upon reaching the third day, once again they found the structure on the ground. Again the question was: Who could have done this? Overnight and without heavy machinery?

On the third day, the employees decided to stand guard to prevent the day’s work from being sabotaged again, however, they never imagined what would happen that night.

To the amazement and the fear of the masons, they saw how at night, small beings were given the task of destroying the construction with their hands and ancient tools. Such was the impression that the next morning they decided to get a priest to bless the place. But one of the workers told the others that what they saw were not goblins or demons, but the legendary “Aluxes”, and as they are the guardians of the sacred lands, humans need to request their permission to build the bridge or any other work on their land.

After hearing this explanation, it was decided to bring a X-Men, a Maya priest, and in a special ceremony, he would ask for permission so that the Nizuc-Cancún bridge could be raised, and with the authorization of these beings, the construction was completed, and it never collapsed again.

An Alux (Maya): aluxo’ob is the name given to a type of goblin in the mythological tradition of certain Maya people from the Yucatán Peninsula, Guatemala, and Belize.

On the advice of the Maya priest, a small pyramid was built under the bridge structure, in order to have a pact with the Aluxes.

This pyramid, known as “Casa de Los Aluxes” remained under the bridge until July 3, 2022, when the local authorities decided to remodel that road, and the house was demolished.

The demolition of this small pyramid will not please the Aluxes, but the crime and insecurity in Quintana Roo have reached such levels, that most likely these elemental beings must have already left the area for good.

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