Kids riding the CDMX Metro’s roof go viral on social networks (Watch Video)

Photo: Youtube

There is no doubt that young people are capable of many things to become viral on social networks, however, some go further and carry out dangerous activities that can even endanger their lives.

This is the case of some content creators who decided to get on the roof of a Mexico City Metro car to surf, which has sparked controversy among internet users.

It was through the YouTube account “Selerdios Ph” where the young people showed their dangerous action. The influencers got on at the ‘Ciudad Deportiva’ station and later got off at the ‘Velodromo’ on line 9 of the metro. On the internet, we can see that the young people turned on their stomachs so as not to hit their heads while passing under a bridge, but when they went outside, they got up and started walking to test their balance.

The content creators continued their misdeed until the driver of the train going in the opposite direction realized what was happening and reported it to the authorities, so the influencers got off to avoid being caught by the police.

As a result of this situation, the comments on social networks were divided, as some applauded their “courage”, others pointed to them as “irresponsible” for exposing their lives in such a way.

So far, the Collective Transportation System (STC) has not ruled on the matter, however, young people could face a legal problem for violating Article 230 of the Mobility Law, which prohibits using areas not intended for to travel.

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