To increase national and international networking, the mayor of Tekit, Felipe Medina Collí, together with guayabera producers from the municipality, organized the annual Guayabera Fair to be held from July 22 to August 7, at the facilities of the House of Culture, Tekit.

The Organizing Committee reported that 54 producers specializing in this emblematic garment from Yucatan are participating in this year’s edition, who have already made business appointments with companies that sell these garments to states of the Mexican Republic and also to countries such as the United States, Colombia, Spain and France. Talks have been initiated for the export of the guayabera made in this municipality.

The 2022 Guayabera Fair aims to increase the sales for the benefit of producers, based on garments made with exclusive designs and high-quality imported fabrics.

Also, through this event it is sought to give a greater projection to the industrialists of the guayabera, with the objective that more and more international companies turn to see them as potential commercial partners and thereby increase the economic benefit of that locality.

In his participation, the representative of Tekit’s industrialists, Alfredo Huchin, stated that 54 exhibitors will participate in the 2022 Guayabera Fair, in addition to an extensive cultural program.

The fair will bring an important economic benefit to the municipality. Over 2,000 people work in the guayabera manufacturing workshops in Tekit. Some 15,000 visitors are expected during the days of the event.

The Yucatan Times