Gastronomic Marathon brings 365 Yucatecan flavors to Tijuana


After the peninsula-to-peninsula twinning between Yucatan and Baja California was signed in 2019, a new edition of the Gastronomic Marathon comes to Tijuana.

(SEFOTUR).- The head of Sefotur, Michelle Fridman, accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, José de Jesús Quiñones, highlighted that Yucatán will have the opportunity to promote all it has to offer in terms of gastronomy in the Baja California Peninsula.

The tourism secretaries of each state pointed out that, although the two peninsulas are thousands of miles apart, there are not many differences between Mérida and Tijuana, in fact, there are a lot of similarities, and synergy can occur in a natural way.

“With those contrasts that make us so different, but so complementary, at the same time: we both have beaches, although they are very different; we both have biodiversity; here, they have whales and, in Yucatan, we have flamingos and many species of birds; we both have craft beers and exquisite cuisine, but very different too, ”Friedman stated.

In the presentation of the Gastronomic Marathon, both Tourism Secretaries spoke about the offer that each of the states has to offer, and in this sense, the 365 flavors of the Yucatan campaign was officially presented in Tijuana, Baja California.

TYT Newsroom

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