Foul smell keeps tourists away from the Campeche Malecón

Campeche Malecon (Photo: YAM)

Residents of Campeche are asking the municipal authorities to clean up the Malecón since the foul smell keeps tourists away.

(TIMES MEDIA MEXICO).- Lourdes Chan García, who lives in the Lupita neighborhood, said that the mud that has accumulated on the shore of the boardwalk causes bad odors, and therefore, tourists avoid going to the food stalls there.

In that sense, she pointed out that the mud has been on the shore of the boardwalk for months and the authorities have not done anything about it despite the foul smell that harms food and beverage businesses in the area.

Visitors who arrive on weekends want to eat at the stalls that are on the edge of the boardwalk, but the bad smells drive them away.

According to locals, the month of June was very bad for local businesses compared to Easter and May when hundreds of visitors arrived in the city of Campeche.

“In the absence of employment, the arrival of visitors is a lifesaver for local merchants, and for that reason, an urgent cleaning of the Malecón is required”, the citizen concluded.

The Yucatan Times