first full-color pic of the universe taken by James Webb Space Telescope

This image, known as "Webb's First Deep Field," is the first full-color image released from the next-generation James Webb Space Telescope. It is the sharpest infrared image of the distant universe ever produced, according to NASA.Space Telescope Science Institute / NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO

The first image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope offered humanity a stunning new view of the universe on Monday — a first-of-its-kind infrared image so distant in the cosmos that it shows stars and galaxies as they appeared 13 billion years ago.

President Joe Biden revealed the new image Monday at the White House alongside Vice President Kamala Harris and NASA officials. Dubbed “Webb’s First Deep Field,” it is the first full-color image from the $10 billion observatory that launched into space last year, and the highest-resolution infrared view of the universe yet captured.

Against the blackness of space, Webb’s First Deep Field shows a kaleidoscope of galaxies — some appearing as luminous points while others look “bent” and streaky, warped by gravity on their long journey to Earth.


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