Ecological Police rescue sea turtle small specimens that hatched on the boardwalk

Photo: YAI

PROGRESO, YUCATAN.- The ecological police continue to rescue newly hatched turtles on the beaches of Progreso. On Thursday morning 18 hatchlings were secured, which were later released according to authorized procedures.

As part of their work in favor of wildlife, personnel from the Progreso Ecological Police responded to a call for help on the boardwalk, where neighbors reported a total of 14 baby turtles that were seen disoriented in the area.

A municipal police officer remained on the site to inform the ecological police of the situation, who took charge of the situation following the corresponding protocol to locate the nest on the beach, they found four more specimens.

The 18 newly hatched turtles were transferred to the Ecological Police headquarters for their protection during the day, since being located when the sun had already risen, the risk of being released at that time is higher because they can be victims of birds.

Given this, they had to wait until nightfall to carry out the corresponding release and for the specimens to reach the sea safely.

The commander of the Ecological Police, Obdulio Mena Sánchez, indicated that the task with respect to wildlife is to protect it and support its care and preservation.

He indicated that in this sea turtle nesting season, nests are detected almost every day, turtles are helped and lately hatchings are attended.

Finally, he recalled that it is necessary that the inhabitants and visitors do not enter the sandbank areas with vehicles so as not to damage the nests that exist, since this harms all the work that has been carried out in favor of the conservation of the sea turtle from the port.