Child drowns in a hotel pool in the Riviera Maya

Photo: Por Esto

A 7-year-old died on Tuesday, July 26th, after throwing himself down a slide and falling into the deep end of the pool of a luxurious hotel in the Riviera Maya.

(Por Esto).- According to local media, the boy was going down the slide without the supervision of an adult/his parents. He was taken out of the pool unconscoius by hotel personnel.

He was immediately transferred to a private clinic in Playa del Carmen, where his death was confirmed, for which the relatives will take legal action against the hotel allegedly for negligence.

This is how the vacation of a Cuban-American family in the Riviera Maya was interrupted. Suddenly, their 7-year-old son drowned in the pool of the Barceló hotel in the Riviera Maya, the tragic event occurred on Tuesday, July 26th, but the case remained under complete hermeticism for more than 24 hours.

However, the fact was made known after the parents launched a campaign on social networks due to the slow actions of the Quintana Roo authorities.

According to local media, the unfortunate event occurred in the pool of the Barceló hotel in the Riviera Maya, when the little boy jumped off the aforementioned slide without being supervised by an adult into the pool, but after several minutes, apparently nobody noticed that the child was no longer coming out of the water.

Given this situation, the infant’s parents and workers from the hostel entered the water, took the child out and gave him cardio vascular resuscitation, but they were unable to revive him, so he was urgently transferred to a private clinic in the area, where upon attending him they found that he no longer had vital signs.

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