Canine and Feline Sterilization Campaign in Progreso

Photo: Planned Pethood

Once again, the Canine and Feline Sterilization Campaign was held at a low cost, where dogs and cats underwent surgery with prior appointment, which was organized by the H. City Council chaired by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, through the Environmental Education Unit.

Doctors from the Planned Pethood veterinary hospital participated in this activity, which was held at the facilities of the Civil Association for the Health and Protection of Dogs and Cats.

The Environmental Education Unit, by order of the mayor, offers low-cost sterilizations that minimize the procreation of dogs and cats in the streets, and thereby protect animals from unnecessary suffering and from contracting certain diseases.

In recent months, a massive event was carried out where more than 500 pets underwent surgery, so the response of citizens has been positive to this strategy.

The cost per dog or cat in these days was $150 for cats and $250 for dogs, in order to cover the supplies that veterinarians use at the time of sterilization.

It is worth mentioning that the objective is to reduce the overpopulation of animals in Progreso and its police stations, so responsible owners are invited to bring their pets to this day.

With these actions, it is invited to raise awareness of the care that must be taken with pets, giving them a better quality of life.

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