Authorities warn the area of the Bocana de Chuburna is dangerous for swimmers

Photo: YAM

In these summer vacations, the Ecological and State Police, as well as the Red Cross are reinforcing surveillance and prohibiting the entrance to the waters near the Bocana de Chuburná, in the Progreso municipality, due to the strong currents.

As part of the work of the 2022 Summer Vacation Operation, municipal and state authorities will dedicate their weekends, among other things, to urging bathers not to enter the “Bocana”, located at the entrance to the Chuburná shelter port.

There, the municipal authorities have carried out the placement of signs that prohibit entry to this site, so that tourists and locals do not enter the dangerous area and use the site only as a fishing area, without entering the water.

The surveillance operation in this place seeks to avoid any incident that could result in a probable tragedy, as has happened before in that precise spot.

Miguel Cervantes, a fisherman from that port for many decades, pointed out that unfortunately the lack of good sense on the part of tourists, and above all alcohol abuse, are the main factors that have caused many fatal accidents in the Bocana de Chuburná.

TYT Newsroom