Amber alert activated for Oscar Gabriel González Fernández, he’s been missing for more than a month

Oscar Gabriel González Fernández has been missing for more than one month

More than a month has passed and to this day nothing is known about Oscar Gabriel González Fernández, who has been missing since June 12th, He was last seen on the Mérida-Valladolid highway, near Kanasín.

For this reason, the corresponding Amber Alert was launched, to try to find his whereabouts with the support of the civil society, and thus be able to reunite him with his family, who are desperate and frightened by his absence.

According to the information provided by the authorities, on June 12, Oscar Gabriel was seen for the last time on the aforementioned road, at kilometer 10, and fearing that he is in danger, the corresponding complaint was filed that led to this Amber Alert.

The last time he was seen, the teenager was wearing dark blue jeans, a dark T-shirt, blue tennis shoes, and a black cross-body bag.

He is approximately 1.70 meters tall, weighs about 63 kilos, he has long, wavy black hair and green eyes. As particular signs, he has a mole under the nose on the left side, bushy eyebrows, and slanted eyes.

You have seen him? Call immediately at 800-00-26-237, at 9999-30-32-88, which is direct, or at 9999-30-32-50, with extension 41164.

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