Almost 600 new Covid cases were registered in one day in the Yucatan

The Gamma variant is more likely to develop complications at a younger age. Photo: (Sipse)

Vaccination against the Coronavirus for children between 5 and 11 years of age in Mérida will take place from Monday, July 18 to Saturday, July 23, in a joint operation that will be carried out by the Yucatán Health and Welfare Secretariats, as well as the Armed Forces. Armed Forces and the Mérida City Council.

From Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22, a new vaccination campaign against Coronavirus will be held in Yucatan for the application of the first dose for adolescents from 12 to 14 years of age and the first booster for adolescents from 15 to 17 years of age in more than 30 municipalities.

In Yucatan, the mandatory use of face masks in open spaces is withdrawn. The measure is maintained for closed spaces and public transport. It is recommended, as a preventive measure, the use of face masks in older adults, with comorbidities that put their health at risk or who present symptoms of respiratory disease.

As has been pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily admissions. Today we have 44 patients in public hospitals.

114,858 patients have already recovered: they have no symptoms and cannot be contagious. This figure represents 89% of the total registered infections, which is 128,415.

594 new infections of Coronavirus were detected in the state of Yucatan in the last 24 hours.