Giant panda Shuan Shuan dies at the Chapultepec Zoo

Shuan Shuan, the oldest giant panda in Mexico, died at the age of 35 in the Chapultepec Zoo, reported to the Ministry of the Environment, without giving details of the cause.

(SEDEMA).- They honored her “long life,” as she lived more than twice as many years as her species lives on average in its natural habitat, which is 15 years.

On June 15th, she celebrated her birthday with “hundreds of drawings and a giant cake with dates and apples, her favorite food.

In a statement, the Chapultepec Zoo indicated that she was characterized by having a very good appetite and being very active and playful. She was born on June 15, 1987, she was the seventh and last child of Pe-Pe and Ying-Ying.

Shuan Shuan represented a symbol of the friendship between Mexico and China. Millions of visitors met her throughout the years at the Chapultepec Zoo.

The Yucatan Times