Yucatecan beekeepers received 350 packages of specimens to grow their hives

Photo: yucatan.gob.mx/

65 honey producers from Muna, Espita, Muxupip, Mayapán, and Timucuy received 350 packages of queen bees. The State government has delivered 28 thousand packages of these specimens.

On the instructions of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the head of the Rural Development Secretariat (SEDER) Jorge Díaz Loeza, distributed the packages containing a queen bee and nine nurse bees, to support beekeepers in the state.

Rodrigo May Uitzil, a beekeeping producer from the municipality of Muna, pointed out that the benefits of the queen bee production center program are a reality and added that there is a lot of interest in requesting bee packages throughout the state.

Díaz Loeza recalled that, from the first days of the current administration, the project opened the first bee production centers, since one of the main problems in the state was precisely the lack of availability of queen bees of good genetic quality; so now with these spaces in charge of people with experience, the production of both these insects and good quality honey has increased considerably throughout the state.

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