Yucatan waiters will receive training to avoid customers’ excessive alcohol consumption

Through the Intelligent waiter program, Canirac Yucatán will be training waiters from member and non-member restaurants of this chamber, so that they learn to treat customers more courteously when it comes to promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

(CANIRAC MERIDA).- The training will take place on June 28, it is free and it will be a single module, where they will have a quota of 45 waiters.

Restaurant employees who wish to attend must register with Canirac, and if they receive a large influx of interested parties, they would be opening other courses in the near future.

Claudia González, the president of the chamber of the restaurant and spicy food industry (CANIRAC), highlighted that these training sessions reaffirm the organization’s commitment to having restaurants with well-trained and more valuable human resources.

TYT Newsroom