World Yoga Day celebrated in Merida

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, the Embassy of India in Mexico carried out an activity at the “Zamná” Poliforum, with the support of the administration headed by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, through the Sports Institute (IDEY).

(IDEY).- During the day, the candle of friendship between Mexico and India was lit, the participants were wished much success and the Asian country declared its intention to promote this discipline throughout the world. Ariadne Morales Acevedo, director of the Coordination of International Affairs of the local Executive, welcomed the foreign delegation.

For his part, Carlos Sáenz Castillo, head of IDEY, addressed a few words, and Ramseh Kuma Singh Yadav gave a class, which was broadcast on the Internet in both territories. Juhi Rai, secretary of the aforementioned diplomatic corps, and Sri Mati Das, in charge of the “Gurudev Tagore” Cultural Center, represented their place of origin at this meeting.



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