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Ways To Promote Creativity in Your Training Team

by Yucatan Times

 If you think creativity works only for writers and artists, that’s not true. Creativity is the potential to innovate, transcend traditional ways, and think outside the box to create something new and better. However, stimulating creativity in the workplace allows a training team for passion and enthusiasm for work. In this digital era, creativity has become one of the highly regarded skills. Therefore, an employer must actively promote creativity in the workplace, offering employees guidance and inspiration on thinking out-of-the-box approaches. 

One of the fundamental ways a training team can achieve organizational objectives is by implementing a learning management system such as Absorb Software that facilitates better team performance. But first, we need to learn several ways in which an organization will actually be able to promote creativity among its employees. 

1. Create creative environment

No organization could be creative without making an environment that promotes it. The company should enable an environment that makes you feel the pulse of creativity rooting its core business. Putting your learners in your customer’s shoes can help yield ideas for better  marketing, advertising, and design.  For remotely working employees, it’s important to develop a work and learning environment where everyone feels encouraged and supported to generate new ideas. Therefore, It’s inhuman nature to hesitate to open up unless they feel they can depend on the people around them which is why a workplace must be a safe harbor, whether virtual or physical. 

2. Promote diversity

If you’re looking at building a team to work on a specific project, recruit diverse employees in terms of experience, skills, personality, or seniority. Diversity promotes creativity in various ways because it enables people to see things from diverse perspectives and embrace new thinking ways. It allows each member of the team to learn from the other. However, there might be opinion clashing sometimes but divergence in opinions often results in creative output.

3. Allow monitored freedom

Being too traditional sometimes hinders employees from attaining their maximum productivity. They must know they can dream and create without any interference. The finest way to keep employees engaged and inspired is by making them feel that they are not just ordered but also respected for their stamp. However, providing this freedom does not mean that management has no hint about the idea unless it’s finished and ready to launch. You must sometimes monitor the strategy to ensure that idea is consistent with the brand, marketable, and quite original to maintain or establish the company’s standards and stature. Freedom opens the door to innovation but makes sure it also doesn’t cross targets and deadlines.

4. Brainstorming technique

Brainstorming is an effective, easy, and free way to promote creativity. It is a terrific method to encourage creative thinking. If you want your employees to put their whole heart and mind into brainstorming, you must create a space in a way in which they can put forward their ideas. Let them know their ideas will not be made fun of or bullied. Provide your team with training in effective criticism skills and other practices for such techniques.

5. Integrate microlearning

Microlearning facilitates learning at a learner’s convenience through the small-sized, absorbable learning material. It delivers short, inspirational learning which makes sure of the impact of the learning, but also promotes learners to seek out more microlearning moments to continue their development. It might sound cliche but getting out of your safe place and trying out-of-the-box things opens the world up to a collection of fresh and inspiring ideas. 


It is not possible to build a  creative culture overnight but it is very important to recognize the need and break out of the boxes we unwittingly live in. However, make sure you practice the above-mentioned ways of promoting a culture of creativity at your workplace. 

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