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Video of Pitt Bull attacking a small dog in a pet-friendly restaurant goes viral (Watch Video)

by Yucatan Times
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A video shared on social networks has gone viral, as it shows in 41 seconds an intense struggle to try to take away a small dog from the jaws of a pit bull.

In the scene there are screams and different actions are carried out to try to get the big dog to release the small one, but all tactics are insufficient, even if it is kicking the aggressor dog because, in theory, it should release its prey.

But this did not work at all, and the owner of the pit bull ended up on the ground holding his dog to prevent it from biting someone else, which has generated comments of all kinds.

These are some of the comments made by internet users on social networks:

  1. “A well-controlled, educated and socialized dog of any breed does not cause problems, but it happens that there are many people unable to control their dogs, and when they have one with very strong instincts (such as a pit bull) tragedies like this occur and much worse”.

2. I have always said, pets in your house. Taking them to squares, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, or malls, is nonsense, the dogs have no interest in going there, and for those of us who love animals (I do have 2 dogs, and 2 cats) it is unpleasant to see this kind of things happening.

  1. The same thing happens in parks where there are children, people don’t care about the rule that “dogs must be on a leash”, and in the case of large and strong breeds like this pit bull with a muzzle. It’s not the animals’ fault, it’s the owners’ fault. Both are bad owners.
  2. PLEASE!!! Small breed owners, please leash your pets too, not just medium or large breeds. It is very common and annoying, that they leave their dogs loose and disaster can happen in a matter of seconds, like in this case.
  3. In addition to the irresponsibility of the owner of the pit bull, it is also the responsibility of the restaurant to request that the customers must always have their pets on a leash.

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