Uman is generating actions in favor of the environment


Uman municipal authorities are generating actions in favor of the environment in their territory to become a sustainable city for the benefit of the entire community.

(Umán, Yuc., June 15, 2022).- So far during the current administration, the rescue of green areas in public spaces has been a priority, planting 100 palm trees and more than 50 plants in different parts of the city, such as the neighborhood of Santiago, Dzibikal, Guadalupe, as well as at the entrance and in Uman’s central park.

These actions contribute to having a greener and more sustainable municipality, since trees absorb GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases), as well as carbon emissions into the atmosphere, in addition to preserving wildlife.

These strategies are implemented with the aim of creating awareness among the population about the proper use of renewable resources, as well as the care of green spaces to reduce environmental damage to the planet.

That is why all Umanenses are invited to avoid littering, join the initiative, and take care of the areas that are being planted with trees, in order to balance environmental needs, an objective that can only be achieved by working as a team between society and government.

The Yucatan Times



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