Tourist from Mexico City drowns in Homun, Yucatan

Photo: SIPSE

A pleasant meeting between friends ended in tragedy when a young man from Mexico City died in the Yucatecan municipality of Homún.

(SIPSE).- The victim, José Luis “N”, 22 years old, was visiting with several friends in the artificial San Isidro cenote, located on the corner of the 6th and 19th streets of the aforementioned municipality, near the exit to the town of Huhí.

José did not know how to swim, but he still got into the shallow part of the cenote.

The friends were so entertained getting to know the place that they didn’t notice when José fell into the deep end. But when they realized the situation, it was too late to save him, and the smiles turned to despair.

Locals managed to rescue the body of the young man while asking for support from the emergency numbers. SSP paramedics arrived and did their job, but the victim did not have vital signs.

TYT Newsroom

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