Tourism agency is responsible for destroying turtle nests in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

Environmentalists call on the Government of Yucatan to investigate the tourism agency ‘Xplora Mexico’, for destroying nests of sea turtles and migratory birds

RIO LAGARTOS, YUCATAN.- Environmentalists made a call through social networks asking the protective agencies of flora and fauna, as well as the Governor, Mauricio Vila to act and bring the full weight of the law to bear on the tourism agency “Xplora Mexico” because a dozen of their 4X4 vehicles destroyed nests of sea turtles and migratory birds on Las Coloradas beach in the Rio Lagartos reserve.

“We are in the middle of the nesting season for these animals, which lasts from April to October, and we are urged to help protect them, contrary to what these people did”, an environmentalist wrote on social networks.

Internet users pointed out that these Jeep all-terrain vehicles, driven by men and women who were brought by the aforementioned agency, and despite the fact that they were told they shouldn’t be there and that they were committing something illegal, they made fun of the locals and kept on damaging the coastal dune.

Yucatecans expressed that ignorant people like these from other states come to destroy what has been taken care of for many years and that they must be sent to jail on federal charges.

They pointed out that if Governor Mauricio Vila boasts so much about being a protector of the environment he should act immediately.

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