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This is the narco-pact between Morena and the Sinaloa Cartel (by Anabel Hernández)

by Yucatan Times
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The appointments referred to by the journalist took place in the stronghold of the criminal group, both in Culiacán and in the municipality of Badiraguato, the birthplace of “El Chapo” Guzmán and “El Mayo” Zambada, which AMLO has visited four times in his administration.

(INFOBAE).- According to Anabel Fernadez’s article on INFOBAE, relevant operators of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) were accused of signing the so-called “Electoral Narco-Pact” with the top leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel during last year’s elections, which is why they met with the sons and brothers of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo, to win the governorship with the candidate Rubén Rocha Moya, in addition to some municipal presidencies.

Journalist Anabel Hernández, who has investigated the link between politicians and criminals for the past 17 years, had access to direct sources who recounted various meetings of important figures in Morena, including the current candidate for Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, as well as Ricardo Peralta, former Undersecretary of the Interior in the period of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to the investigative reporter, the electoral operators held separate meetings both with Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar, el Chapito, son of Chapo Guzmán. They also held a meeting in Badiraguato with Aureliano and Miguel Ángel Guzmán Loera, El Guano, and el Mudo, “El Chapo’s” brothers

Anabel Hernández published the information on these agreements in her column Contracorriente of the international chain Deutsche Welle, of which she is a collaborator. In her delivery this week, she points out that she obtained the testimonies of those who knew closely the alleged electoral narco-pact forged in 2021.

“This is confirmed by direct sources who know the facts first-hand and is corroborated by people who have been part of the closing team of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is obviously aware of this agreement,” warned the journalist.

According to the columnist, the objective of these meetings was for the relatives of “El Chapo Guzmán” to join in the blessing granted by Ismael Zambada García, el Mayo, the top boss of the Sinaloa Cartel who also approved Rubén Rocha Moya, who contested and won by the Morena-Partido Sinaloense (PAS) alliance. The Partido Sinaloense is a State political party, that only operates within the state of Sinaloa.

The condition of “Los Chapitos” and his uncles to help MORENA was to stop any persecution and arrest warrants for extradition.

One of the meetings in which El Chapito was present with Morenistas, occurred at the beginning of 2021 in Culiacán. The same city where Ovidio Guzmán López was released in 2019, after unleashing chaos in the city and forcing the government to submit under the threat of attacking military families and innocent civilians.

Ricardo Peralta Saucedo was present at the meeting, who in the campaign of 2022 has been closer to Senator Julio Menchaca who just won the governorship of the state of Hidalgo. The current National Coordinator of the Patriotic Alliance for the 4T attended the meeting with the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel to ask for support and offer guarantees.

Ruben Rocha Moya (Foto: Facebook/Rubén Rocha Moya)

According to Anabel Hernández, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar also brought together his own operators and ordered that videos be recorded and broadcast on social networks to favor Rubén Rocha Moya. These clips were publicized by famous groups with influences on the population that perform narcocorridos. Rocha Moya thanked the musicians for his campaign with a video on Facebook.

Those led by El Chapito received promotional t-shirts from the MORENA campaign that finally triumphed. In addition, Guzmán Salazar is identified as the person who coordinated violent operations in Badiraguato against Guadalupe Iribe, a candidate for the municipal presidency for the PRI-PAN-PRD opposition alliance.

On the day of the election, Infobae México contacted relatives of the candidate, because her brother, Luis Alonso Iribe, was kidnapped by a group of 10 armed subjects while working in her usual palapa. The candidate announced that she was willing to resign before the count, which she did regardless of the result, her relative was returned and José Paz López Elenes prevailed, who contended for Morena-PAS.

López Elenes used that Caliber 50 song about Javier Torres Félix, Javier de los llanos, in his propaganda. The JT was lieutenant of the Mayo Zambada, was arrested in 2004, sent to the US in 2006, and returned in 2013. The Morena candidate stayed with the presidency of the municipality that is the birthplace of Chapo Guzmán and other great drug lords in Mexico.

In addition, El Chapito mobilized its operators to promote voting and distribute gifts. With threats he counteracted similar strategies by those who were in the opposition, says Anabel Hernández.

The journalist pointed out that Guano and Mudo also had a meeting with morenistas in La Tuna, Badiraguato, at the house of María Consuelo Loera, mother of Chapo Guzmán. The two men represent another leadership in the Sinaloa Cartel, hence they were visited by José Paz Elenes and his electoral operators.

On that date, El Mudo was dressed formally and elegantly, while Guano Guzmán wore a camouflage suit. Gunmen guarded the property that also served as the setting for a campaign event for the Morena-PAS candidate. The meeting was guaranteed by a high-profile Morena politician such as then-Senator Américo Villarreal (who just became the new governor of Tamaulipas) and is a close friend of Rocha Moya.

“In the Sinaloa elections, “Los Américos”, as Américo Villarreal and his team were called, had preferential treatment over other MORENA structures in the state,” adds the reporter about those who presumed economic influence from the center of the country.

The president has visited the cradle of Chapo Guzmán four times during his government (Photo: Facebook / Rubén Rocha Moya)

Although it is about links and relevant characters in drug trafficking, as well as in politics, no major reports had emerged until now.

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