The woman who killed young Leonel will go through the legal process in liberty

Photo: Novedades Yucatan

N.J.C.T., the woman who ran over young Leonel in the San Jose Tecoh neighborhood on Sunday, June 19, will lead the process in freedom since the judge ruled that she can wear an electronic geolocation bracelet.

At the hearing held at the Mérida Oral Justice Center (Cejom), it was reported that the toxicological tests showed that she was not drunk, but she did not have a driver’s license.

On Wednesday, June 22, the indictment hearing for the crime of homicide was held, and after assessing the corresponding investigation folder, the litigation prosecutors requested preventive detention against the woman who was driving the car.

The First Control Judge, however, considered that there was no justification for this, so she determined that the accused could go through the process in freedom, imposing precautionary measures, including an electronic bracelet locator.

During the hearing, where she was also linked to the process, the parents of the deceased minor were present, who refused to give statements to the media.

In Yucatan, the crime of unintentional homicide (homicidio culposo) does not merit preventive detention.

The Yucatan Times