The path to becoming a maintenance manager

The maintenance manager job description varies depending on the type of industry that you will be working in. The industries vary from residential to commercial, and in most minor situations, the maintenance manager is expected to do the repairs and installation as part of their job descriptions. In contrast, in more extensive settings, their job might involve delegating and overseeing roles. The duties of a maintenance manager might include

  • Hiring and training, and delegating duties to employees.
  • Complete daily maintenance functions.
  • Supervise and ensure employees undertake their duties to completion.
  • Creation of work orders.
  • Tracking inventory and ordering supplies.
  • Ensure the equipment is working as required.
  • Follow and create safety standards.

Requirements for being a maintenance manager


It is possible to get a job as a maintenance manager in a small facility without going to school by checking on the skills you may have gained along the way. It is, however, necessary to have a degree when it comes to some maintenance manager positions while working in mechanical, chemical or industrial engineering industries.

To be a maintenance manager might require you to complete courses in trade schools that offer plumbing or electrical work, depending on the industry you would choose to work in. The duration required to graduate from a trade school may vary from a few months to about two years, depending on what level of expertise you would like to get. An alternative to getting courses is taking part in an apprenticeship which allows one to gain practical experience in specific roles.


To be fully allowed to work as a maintenance manager, some experience is required. Some may be allowed to learn on the job. There might be an option for training for one to learn different aspects of care according to the industry and how to use the tools effectively till the process is complete. The average amount of time that maintenance managers use up gaining experience before they get the role is up to five years.

People who go through training school or apprenticeship receive training during their direct training. Students can earn direct hands-on practice in different environments under professional guidance. Having a bachelor’s degree, one is allowed to gain experience through internships.


There are certifications that maintenance managers are given in the tasks that make up the profession. Some of these certifications include;

  • Certified maintenance manager- this certification is offered for site-level property managers, lead maintenance managers and supervisors. To gain the certifications, applicants should learn how to use work order systems to plan and manage the day-to-day tasks that increase productivity and do an exam that they should pass before they are awarded the certification.
  • Certified maintenance and reliability profession- this certification is for those looking to prove they are experts in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management.
  • Certified maintenance manager- this certification is offered to all new and established technicians, supervisors and managers of affordable and assisted living housing. All applicants are required to study and do an exam, and once they pass the. They can receive the certification.

Skills needed to be a maintenance manager

Technical skills

Maintenance managers have to deal with a number of staff that need to delegate and supervise duties, while in other scenarios, they may be required to do the tasks by themselves. Some of the specialised skills that a maintenance manager should have may include plumbing, dealing with electronics and mechanics. Community colleges and apprenticeships offer these kinds of training.


Apart from having technical skills, it is paramount that maintenance managers who oversee big factories have basic engineering concepts that may be needed to work with heavy machinery. It will help if they can understand the basic safety regarding engineering, which will help maintain a safe working environment.

Computer skills

Basic knowledge of computer and software skills will help managers and supervisors in managing inventories while monitoring the flow of equipment and any stock needed as well as complete pieces of training that might be prepared and offered through software.

Good time management skills

Being a team leader, a good maintenance manager should be good at time management to ensure that skills and resources are maximised to produce the most within the shortest period. In large firms, maintenance managers are required to manage and deal with various projects whose timelines and priorities are different though geared towards the same end goal; therefore, a maintenance manager must be able to create and manage time to ensure that the goal is reached at the time it should.

Communication skills

Having to work with many people, which involves the staff and suppliers, the manager must have good communication skills, including listening and articulating what is required clearly.  Good communication skills are essential while problem-solving, which will require you to offer a listening ear to each person on the ground to get to the root of the problem.

How to become a maintenance manager

  1. Go to school- it is difficult and almost impossible to attain the position of a maintenance manager without a college degree. Therefore, it is essential to go and get one to ease your process up to the top. It is, however, possible to start with getting small skills and work your way up to the top. Earn your certifications which will allow you to present them and show proof of your work.
  2. Gain work experience- take advantage of every opportunity you get to gain as much experience as you can in as many fields as you can in maintenance management. Work as a maintenance technician in different maintenance facilities.
  3. Get your license- if the region you are in requires you to obtain a license, then it is essential to obtain one before you start marketing yourself
  4. Create your resume- check the internet for maintenance manager resume samples and create your own with as much information as possible on whatever position you want.
  5. Search for job positions- the last bit for you after creating your resume is to start looking for jobs. Drop and send your resume to as many places as possible and wait for your call.