The first tropical cyclone of the season is now entering the Yucatan Peninsula

(Photo: Yucatan al Instante)

The extensive area of ​​rain and storms has strengthened into Tropical Depression One-E over southern Mexico as the central core of the low-level consolidated.

The Tropical Depression located 335 km southwest of #PuertoÁngel, #Oaxaca, presenting a displacement to the west at 11 km / h, is now entering the Yucatan Peninsula from the south.

It registers sustained winds of 55 km/h with stronger gusts. It is forecast to strengthen steadily, evolving into a Tropical Storm (#Agatha) by early Saturday morning and a hurricane by Sunday. It remains in an area with low wind shear, abundant moisture, and sea surface temperatures. the sea ​​above +30°C.

The set of models determines that the cyclone will maintain a displacement to the west in the next few hours, recurring slowly to the north on Sunday, with a tendency to gain a displacement to the northeast (Monday), approaching the coast of #Oaxaca.

Both the intensity and trajectory may vary in your estimation in the coming days, so keep a close eye on it.

Regardless of the development, heavy rains are forecast for sectors of Oaxaca, #Chiapas, #Veracruz (south), #Tabasco and #Guerrero in the coming days, so extreme precautions are recommended for flash floods and landslides in mountainous areas.

In the next few hours, the update on the tropical system will be issued, so it is recommended that the population be attentive to the weather updates.

The Yucatan Times