Seven bodies found in Chikindzonot could be the persons reported missing near Chetumal

Seven bodies were found in a state of putrefaction on a ranch in the town of Chikindzonot, eastern Yucatan, and it is presumed that they could be the people reported missing near Chetumal two days ago.

Although so far it has not been confirmed by the Quintana Roo authorities, the bodies could be the men who were reported missing in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo.

On Thursday night, the disappearance of at least 7 people was reported, where, according to military sources, it is an area of ​​frequent drug landings due to sea currents. In addition, being close to the border with Belize, allows criminals to transport narcotics into that country.

The missing personas are José Luis Vallapando Pat, 46 years old; Edgar Medina Romero, 19; Heber Crescencio Landeros Vidal, 40; Flavio César Roblero García, 24; David Azael Pool Poot, 22; Moisés Nicolás Cuervo, 41, and José Ismael Dzul Chan, 20 years old, all from Quintana Roo.

Unofficially, it was said that the bodies found on a ranch in Chikindzonot had bullet wounds. In addition, the mobilization of authorities has been handled with complete secrecy.

Federal and state authorities have cordoned off the area, and according to different reports, it is presumed that these bodies could be the people reported missing near Chetumal, who would’ve been executed and left abandoned in this town in Yucatan.

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