Rotary Clubs presented their new presidents in the Yucatan

Photo: Rotary Club of Merida

In a press conference, the five Rotary clubs of Yucatan presented their new presidents, who will be in charge of organizing activities that help civil associations, the environment, and people with limited resources, among other social causes.

It will be the first of July when the new directives take office, in order to be in command for the next 365 days for the 2022-2023 exercise.

The names of the new directives are:

  • Joaquin Molina, Rotary Club of Merida
  • Leticia Ruiz, Rotary Club of Meridana
  • René Rodríguez Merida Itza Rotary Club
  • Monica Herrera Rotary Club Izamal Three Cultures
  • Patricia Baeza Rotary Club Merida North

Each directive will be in charge of holding its own swearing-in event, which must be done before June 30th.

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