Home Headlines One in 20 people identifies as part of the LGBTI community in Yucatan (ENDISEG)

One in 20 people identifies as part of the LGBTI community in Yucatan (ENDISEG)

by Yucatan Times
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Based on the National Survey on Sexual and Gender Diversity (Endiseg) 2021 carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the three states that make up the Yucatan Peninsula show a high percentage of presence in diversity.

Yucatan ranks second national place with 8.3 percent of the population identified as part of the community; Campeche with 7.3 percent in fifth place –along with Aguascalientes– and Quintana Roo in eighth with 6.7 percent.

In Yucatan, there are 151 thousand 552 people who identify themselves as part of the LGBTI community, in Quintana Roo 96 thousand 634, and in Campeche 51 thousand 603 (although at first glance it may seem that in Quintana Roo the number is higher when checking with population density, the higher incidence percentage mentioned for Campeche can be identified).

This survey aims to identify the population aged 15 and over who recognize themselves as having LGBTTTI sexual orientation and/or gender identity, as well as knowing their main characteristics, such as sexuality, education, employment, health, emotional health, personal satisfaction, among others.

With these data, the Endiseg indicates that 5.1 percent of the population considers that their sexual orientation belongs to the diverse community; among which, 4.6 percent are men -sex assigned at birth- and 5.7 percent women -also sex assigned at birth-; that is to say, one of every 20 people is recognized as LGBTI population.

Among the diversity, bisexuality is the orientation with the highest prevalence, presenting itself in 51.7 percent of the population that stated they were LGBTTTI, 26.5 percent identified themselves as gay, 10.6 percent lesbian, and 11.2 percent other orientations such as pansexual, demisexual, asexual, among other.

Regarding the trans population, it was .9 percent of the population identified themselves as trans, 34.8 percent as being transgender or transsexual, and 65.2 percent as being non-binary, gender fluid, or agender, among other identities.

Among the community, 64.9 percent of people said they were single, 30.6 percent married or in a union, and 4.5 percent divorced, separated, or widowed.

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lgbt divorce attorney December 27, 2023 - 5:10 am

This enlightening article highlights the prevalence of the LGBTI community in Yucatan, revealing that one in 20 people identifies as part of this diverse group. As societal acceptance grows, it’s essential to address legal aspects, such as family dynamics and relationships. Considering this, consulting an LGBT divorce attorney becomes crucial in navigating the unique challenges that may arise within the community. The article prompts a reflection on the evolving legal landscape, emphasizing the importance of legal professionals who understand and advocate for the specific needs of the LGBTI individuals, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive society in Yucatan.


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