Motorcyclist run over in Tizimín dies on her way to the hospital

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On Thursday, June 23rd, a woman died in Tizimín, Yucatan, shortly after having suffered an unfortunate accident, while she was riding a scooter.

On Thursday, June 23rd, a woman died in Tizimín, after being accidentally run over by a motorist.

The victim, Rosa María “N”, 44 years old, was riding her scooter at the intersection of Calle 54-C and Calle 73, in Tizimin’s Santa Rosa de Lima neighborhood, when she was hit by the driver of a Nissan cargo truck, who was driving on Calle 73 and did not respect the stop sign at the corner with Calle 54-C.

SSP paramedics soon arrived at the accident site and they were taking the woman to the “San Carlos” hospital in serious condition when she suddenly suffered a stroke while she was being admitted to the medical center.

The same ambulance that transported Rosa returned to the scene of the accident to take away Deysi, 46, who was unable to get up because both of her legs were broken.

As for the man who hit her, he was driving an old model Nissan cargo truck with Yucatan license plate number YN-5273 that was transporting animal feed.

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