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Mexico packing list: items that shouldn’t be forgotten

by Yucatan Times
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Does it sound like an unattainable travel destination? It shouldn’t! More and more individuals have started to include Mexico on their travel bucket lists.

But before landing in the land of coastal resorts, gold sands, and virgin beaches, you need to think carefully about what you bring with you. We know that most people will tell you that all you need in Mexico is a sense of adventure (which is half-true), you also need to pack some essentials that would make your travel far smoother and more enjoyable.

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Sunscreen and bug spray

One of the many things Mexico has to offer is, without any doubt, a lot of sunlight. And although a sunny island may be the dream of any traveler, you need to be careful when it comes to sun exposure. The sun in Mexico is intense, and since you’ll spend plenty of time outside, there’s a high risk of getting yourself burned. And while you may think that a hat and an umbrella should be enough to protect you from the heat, think twice.

We also recommend always having an insect repellant at hand to avoid what most travelers are annoyed with: mosquitos. Make sure it’s based on soothing ingredients like eucalyptus, which is hard on insects but friendly to the skin.

Portable charger

The last thing you want to find yourself without is a portable charger, so make sure you include it on your packing list. Chargers are a must when it comes to vacations, particularly if you want to immortalize the breathtaking Mexican landscapes in pictures and not have your smartphone dead when you need it the most.

Ear plugs

These are a necessity, especially if you have a long flight. It’s essential to sleep on the plane and not be exhausted when you step on Mexican soil. Ear plugs can attenuate background sound or play your favorite music album so that you can have a restful sleep. Another essential thing to include in your luggage is a buckwheat pillow that assures a comfortable position and promotes sleep. These cushions are probably the Holy Grail of many travelers since they’re incredibly moldable and toxin-free. You can opt for a mini travel pillow if you don’t have enough space and still reap the benefits of such pillows.

Ideal clothes for your adventures

We know that you want to be stylish during your trip, but friendly Mexico asks you to wear loose-fitting clothes; otherwise, it wouldn’t be so nice. You need plenty of tops, swimsuits, lightweight pants, and comfortable walking shoes. But don’t worry: you can find thousands of comfortable pieces that are also stylish that eventually, it would be hard to choose from such a variety. That being said, look for clothes made out of breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, and even satin. When it comes to Mexico, you need to be clothing-wise, so if you plan to embark on the magnificent coastal cities of Mexico, make sure you’re properly dressed.

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