Man dies after falling into an open well in Hunucmá, Yucatan

A subject lost his life when he fell into a well located on the corner of Calle 21 with 34 in the Santo Domingo neighborhood of the Hunucmá municipality.

(SSP).- The man was “having a few” with party friends José Reyes Chuil, and José, on Friday, June 3rd, when he fell into the pit, in the dark of the night. José noticed that his friend José Andrés had disappeared, and then he realized that he was at the bottom of that well, about 5 meters deep.

He immediately asked for help and, together with the neighbors, asked the Municipal Police for help shortly after 3 in the morning. Local paramedics and firefighters from the Ministry of Public Security also arrived, however when a uniformed man entered the hole to check the state of health, unfortunately, José Andrés no longer had vital signs.

The state rescuers removed the body while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office and Semefo were in charge of the legal proceedings.

Everything indicates that it was an accident since the other two men were drinking a few meters from the well, and the now-deceased had the misfortune of falling into the pit.

The Yucatan Times