Kanasín police officers prevent a man from committing suicide on a Periférico bridge

Photo: Por Esto

A man climbed the bridge located at the entrance to the municipality of Kanasín with the purpose of jumping to his death, but this was prevented by Kanasin Municipal Police officers

(SSP).- A subject of around 30 years of age, still unidentified, tried to jump from the Kanasín bridge, but the action was prevented by the municipal police of Kanasín and the SSP.

The events were recorded on Saturday, June 25. around 5:00 in the afternoon, when the emergency numbers received different calls from citizens and motorists who observed a man sitting on the edge of the bridge that leads to Kanasín from Mérida’s 69th street.

Some feared that the man would jump, so agents of the Kanasín Municipal Police arrived at the scene as the first responder, who spoke with the man and convinced him to get off the bridge to discuss the situation.

Moments later staff of the State Public Security Secretariat and an ambulance from the same corporation arrived, the subject was handcuffed and boarded an ambulance to be transferred to a hospital in the Yucatecan capital.

There are already at least 4 occasions in which people, due to economic or sentimental problems, climb bridges on the Mérida’s Periferico and threaten to kill themselves, remembering that in Ciudad Caucel a woman jumped to her death from a high-tension tower.

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