Kanasín police arrested two subjects in possession of 14 kilos of Marijuana

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Agents of the Kanasín Municipal Police arrested two subjects in Colonia San Antonio Kaua 3 with approximately 14 kilos of cannabis, which they kept inside two raffia-type bags.

The detainees turned out to be José Rubén P.C, 33 years old, and José Gaspar Y.P., 44 years old, both from Yucatan.

According to the official report, the events occurred on May 26 when a report was received that two people were arguing and beating each other up on the street on Calle 58, between 71 and 71-A in Colonia San Antonio Kaua, southern Merida.

When agents from the corporation approached them, they were asked the reason for the discussion, to which they became aggressive and responded to the uniformed officers that they would settle their differences.

However, when doing a preventive check on two raffia-type bags that they were carrying, 14 transparent bags with cannabis were discovered, which together weighed approximately 14 kilos.

Due to the foregoing, they were immediately detained and are placed at the disposal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic for the corresponding procedures.

The Yucatan Times