Half a ton of octopus is seized during a police operation in Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Illegal fishing has been a constant problem for port workers, who have repeatedly complained about this situation. Therefore, the National Guard launched an operation that ended with a large seizure.

Fishermen from the port of Progreso denounced that illegal fishing with respect to the mollusk is practiced on a regular basis in the area surrounding the state, proof of this was a boat named “Alexis” that was catching this temporarily banned species in Yucatan territorial waters.

The discovery was made by a fisherman identified as Julio Gamaliel M. Y., who, fishing with his crew for scale species, spotted the small boat with three men on board “illegally fishing” and diving for octopus.

Meanwhile, in the port of Dzilam Bravo personnel from the Attorney General’s Office, the Mexican Army, the National Guard, the Mexican Navy, and the SSP agents raided two properties.

Oscar E. E. S. (aka “Malvado”), 49 years old, and Martha P. G. C., 23 years old, were detained in one of the properties; while in the other one, a female identified as Paula A. E., 53 years old, was also arrested.

The authorities carried out the search of the two buildings, seizing together more than half a ton of octopus and more than 100 kilos of white snail, another banned species, the product was found inside several containers.

The Yucatan Times