FGR incinerates 80 kilos of marijuana in Mérida

Photo: FGR

As part of the actions to prevent addictions, the Attorney General’s Office, in coordination with the Secretary of National Defense, carried out the narcotics incineration ceremony.

In this ceremony, 81 kilos of marijuana were burned, 40 grams of cocaine, 167 psychotropic tablets such as diazepam, and 2,650 packs of illegal cigarettes were also destroyed.

In his speech, Miguel Angel Soberanis, delegate of the FGR in Yucatan, stressed that the burning of narcotics is essential, and is a sign of coordinated work.

“We are at this event as a result of the work of all the security authorities (…) always in coordination with the ministerial staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, demonstrating the commitment to preserve social peace and tranquility,” Soberanis said.

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