Farewell to the three-year-old killed by a motorist in San José Tecoh, Merida

Photo: Yucatan al Minuto

On Sunday, June 19th, three-year-old Leonel was standing on the sidewalk on the corner of Calle 141 with Calle 50 in Colonia San Jose Tecoh in Mérida, when he was suddenly run over by a car that crushed him against a wall.

The vehicle was driven by a woman who was allegedly learning to drive, although another version maintains that she was under the influence of alcohol.

The boy was treated by paramedics and taken to a hospital, but hours later he died.

The person responsible for the tragedy was arrested and placed in the custody of the Public Ministry, she must be turned over to a Judge and an investigation folder has already been opened.

Meanwhile, at the Xoclán cemetery, the atmosphere was one of deep sadness, indignation, and a strong need for justice.

The family and acquaintances of young Leonel said they will be on the lookout for the person responsible for this death to be punished.

The farewell ceremony was attended by dozens who claim justice to be done given the conditions in which the minor lost his life.

The funeral procession was joined by residents of the San José Tecoh neighborhood who arrived aboard a truck, as well as a group of bikers who sympathized with the family.

The body of Leonel rested in a white coffin, and his relatives and acquaintances surrounded him carrying flowers and white handkerchiefs.

Of course, Leonel’s relatives are demanding that the authorities apply the full weight of the law against the woman who took the life of this child on Sunday afternoon in Merida’s San José Tecoh neighborhood, while he was playing on the sidewalk.

The Yucatan Times