Cyclist falls dead in Ciudad Caucel, and a man steals his belongings

(YI).- Regardless of whether he was alive or not, a guy who saw a cyclist faint in the street stole his belongings and left the scene without even helping him.

The events occurred this Sunday night on 39-A street by 106 of the Ciudad Caucel subdivision, Las Torres ll section when the cyclist fell on the pavement moments after leaving a store in the area.

According to witnesses to the events, the man, about 50 years old, arrived at the establishment by bicycle and when he left the place he fainted and began to convulse.

A woman who witnessed what happened indicated that a subject who passed by the cyclist when he saw what was happening took the man’s belongings and fled the scene.

Given this, the woman called the 911 emergency number, so paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived at the site, who only confirmed that the man no longer had vital signs.

Police elements also arrived at the scene to whom the woman gave details of the man who stole his belongings from the cyclist.

As it was revealed, the thief was identified as a street vendor in the area.

The cyclist’s body was lifted by elements of the Semefo to determine the cause of death, which is presumed to be due to a sudden heart attack.

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