Credits authorized for Merida coachmen to evolve into the “Electric Chariot Era”

Photo: Ayuntamieto de Merida

Each electric chariot will cost 485 thousand pesos; the municipal authorities will provide a subsidy of 41%, so coachmen will have to pay 289 thousand pesos each.

The Special Committee for Electric Carriages of Mérida authorized the first six credits to obtain these new tourist transportation units. The municipal authority will contribute a subsidy of 41 percent and the concessionaire will contribute the remaining 59 percent.

Alderman Álvaro Cetina Puerto announced on Tuesday, June 28th, that the total price of the electric carriage is 485 thousand pesos. He explained that each “Calesero” (as they are known in Merida), will have to pay 11,923 pesos monthly for 24 months, and explained that the credits have zero interest rate.

“The special committee has authorized the first six credits. At this time we are in the administrative procedures and the valuation of the contracts so that they can be put into operation at the beginning of July”, he indicated.

“These are the first six electric chariots in Merida. Right now there are 60 horse-pulled chariots in the city of which 47 are active”, the municipal official continued.

“The power charging modules for the electric carriages are likely to be installed in the parking lot of the Municipal Palace, and the City of Merida will pay for the electricity to make these vehicles run” Álvaro Cetina Puerto concluded.

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