Photo: Ayuntamiento de Progreso

Cleaning and maintenance work continues in the Progreso beach areas, servicing sites near the port boardwalk, as well as beach entrances, to reduce pollution levels.

The traditional, international Malecón and accesses to the beach have received maintenance in recent weeks by crews belonging to the Directorate of Public Services and Ecology; The purpose of these works was to leave these natural areas free of contamination.

The workers first carried out the garbage collection in the aforementioned area, to later conclude with the rehabilitation of green areas, thus leaving the accesses in perfect condition.

On the other hand, the Urban Cleansing department was in charge of collecting waste on the Traditional Malecón in the mornings, starting at the “Chocolate Pier” and culminating at one side of the flagpole, “these tasks are frequently carried out in the whole municipality, without leaving aside residential areas, providing our community with public spaces free of contamination”, explained Canan Góngora Ortegón, head of the agency

The works were carried out with the aim of continuing to maintain the port’s two main tourist spots in good condition, but also to care for the environment in the city of Progreso.

TYT Newsroom