Yucatecan mother demands her son to be transferred due to constant school bullying

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

Mother denounces bullying in Kinchil elementary school, and the education authorities have denied her the right to change her child to another school.

Mrs. Yazmin Nalleli Tzuc Xool, a resident of Kinchil, declared that she is already tired of her 8-year-old daughter being bullied in his classroom at the Ramón Navarrete Rosado elementary school, for which she requested the boy’s urgent change to another school in this municipality.

However, the educational authorities dealing with the case denied her such a request, so she had no choice but to publicly denounce it so that they take action on the matter at the Segey.

Yazmín pointed out that on Thursday, May 12th, when she went to pick up her 8-year-old daughter, she had an injury on her nose, and when the mother asked the teachers for an explanation, no one could tell her what happened. 

The mother had to take her daughter to see a doctor because the minor had a broken nose, and she said that a classmate hit her.

Also on Tuesday, the supervisor of School Zone 052, who identified herself as Diana Balam Fernández, received Yazmin, who explained to her the series of physical attacks that her offspring have suffered lately in that school.

Despite the facts, Yazmín was denied the request to transfer her daughter to another school in this town.

The Yucatan Times