Yucatan: The beaches of Progreso are ready to receive more visitors

(Photo: Sipse)

Chicxulub Puerto, Chelem, and Chuburná declare themselves ready for the arrival of the visitors who will begin to occupy the beach areas in the coming days and whose presence means an important economic benefit for the region.

(Sipse).- With thorough cleaning of beach accesses, weeding in central areas, and other actions to improve the public image of these communities, municipal authorities reported that the three coastal communities of Progreso are prepared to receive the thousands of tourists who will be arriving during the Summer holidays period.

According to the director of the Coastal Zone, Cinthya Sosa Gómez, the cleaning work is being carried out intensively in various areas, with the aim of keeping the area clean, however, prior to the start of this holiday season, the introduction of heavy machinery, which for a few days now began with work to remove debris, accumulations of garbage and other aspects in the beach areas, with which the entrances to these sites have been cleared, which will benefit the tourism that will go to these places in the coming days.

Chicxulub Puerto, Chelem, and Chuburná are the coastal communities of Progreso with the greatest benefit during the vacation seasons, due to the large number of beach houses located in their coastal areas, which generates the attraction of thousands of visitors with a strong flow.

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