Yucatan prepares for the start of the hurricane season

(Photo; Sipse)

The facilities of the Ninth Military Naval Zone, in Yucalpetén, Progreso, hosted the installation of the Civil Protection Council, facing the start of the hurricane season. Civil, military, municipal, state, and federal authorities met to begin preparations in case of intense meteorological phenomena coming to Yucatan.

For this year, thirteen tropical storms are forecast, six moderate hurricanes, that is, categories 1 and 2, and two intense hurricanes, categories 3 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which gives a total of 21 hydrometeorological phenomena that will affect the continental and maritime areas of the North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

The meeting indicated that the National Maritime Authority will instruct the nautical community, in general, to take the following precautionary measures in terms of safety:

That all the vessels whose permanence for various activities are in the anchorage in the various docks and other authorized docking positions; must guarantee at all times the integrity of the crew, of the goods, and the prevention of contamination to the environment, in addition to having efficient means, such as communication equipment, anchoring systems (winches, anchors and chains), main machines, engine, auxiliary generators, steering system, water, supplies, and enough fuel to carry out the maneuvers required to weather bad weather and/or adverse navigation conditions.

All anchored vessels must have day and night light signals, and have enough space so they can maneuver in case of bad weather, with the recommendation that they look for more fertile areas or sheltered ports.

Have the full authorization of the Minimum Security Crew Certificate in accordance with the provisions of article 25, the first paragraph, of the Law on Navigation and Maritime Commerce, and articles 373 and 376 of its Regulation.

The personnel embarked as crew members must comply with the regulatory documentation, in terms of what is indicated in article 26 of the aforementioned Navigation Law, that is, prove their professional technical capability as personnel of the National Merchant Marine.

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