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Vila recognizes the effort and dedication of the teachers in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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“We Yucatecans are clear that what we want is for future generations to have better opportunities and if today Yucatan is one of the best states in the country, it is partly due to the tireless vocation of teachers who have overcome adversity and known how to team up to continue transforming to the state”, stated Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, as he led the delivery of medals and economic incentives to teachers with 50, 40 and 30 years of service.

In gratitude for the work they do every day in the classrooms to train children and young people, the Governor awarded a total of 554 basic level educators, awards and recognitions to highlight the excellent work they do, because based on a lot of effort, motivation, and dedication, have been a fundamental part in the lives of countless girls, boys, and young people, positively impacting their development.

“We are working hard together with you and we are going to continue looking for better working conditions; in this Government, we always have the will to listen to the teachers, attend to their needs and work as a team”, said Vila Dosal.

On the other hand, he highlighted the work carried out by the head of the Ministry of Education (Segey), Liborio Vidal Aguilar, and affirmed that his administration will continue to work together with the Yucatecan teachers, leaving aside partisan issues and positions, as has been handled until now.

“In Yucatan, differences are resolved through dialogue; We work as a team, regardless of political interests, and we are convinced, and it is our style of work, that if we work hand in hand, we have better chances of getting ahead,” highlighted Vila Dosal.

18 teachers were recognized with the “Pablo Moreno Triay” medal, for 50 years of service. 109 mentors who completed four decades of work received the “Maestro Altamirano” award; and 427 teachers, with 30 years of service, obtained the “Raquel Dzib Cicero” medal.

In addressing a few words, Vidal Aguilar highlighted the dedication they have shown to their profession, despite the adversities they have faced in recent years due to the health contingency, as they passionately continued their task of education, an example for the children and youth of the Yucatan.

He highlighted that thanks to the willingness and commitment of the men and women in charge of the classrooms, 100% attendance at the schools has been achieved; In this sense, the Segey will keep its doors open and will persevere in building bridges to continue advancing and improving in this area.

“We are going to continue working, to continue providing the tools so that they can continue with their noble vocation, which has trained entire generations of professionals, good men, and women,” concluded the state official.

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